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Vanguard Roadster

Vanguard Roadster

Vanguard Roadster

A look so shimmering and new, bike riders will instantly fall in love with this bike. IT has a certain customised look and vanguard roadster  is very powerful on the road. It is suitable for long journeys and adventures. Vanguard Roadster  details include an engine that is built in the integral part of the bike and this makes the bike even more special. Latest Vanguard Roadster  motorcycles have the following specifications in them:

  • Vanguard Roadster  is a naked built bike and it has a 1977cc engine which makes the bike adjustable to any road situation and with this, the bike can also pick up a great mileage in just a short span. This is the first ever brand of the Vanguard Roadster bikes which will be revealed in the US very soon.
  • Specs of Vanguard Roadster include the aluminium grade wheels which give a better grip on the road and it also has spokes in the wheels which makes this bike a best one when it comes to riding on unravelled and roads that are not much in a good condition.
  • The seat has been set in an aluminium frame with the bike with the seats being placed comfortably for the rider to ride with easy. Along with that, the handles of the bike has been placed in a proper position for the rider to grip it easily.
  • Vanguard Roadster cruiser bikes have a coloured tablet screen that makes it easy for the rider to read the meters available in the bike and know the distance that he has travelled. A rear view camera is present in the LED screen of the bike

The price and reviews of Vanguard Roadster are expected to be great and the bike will be priced at $30,000. The bike is estimated to be released in the year of 2018.

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