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Kawasaki ZX-10R

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Kawasaki ZX-10R

Kawasaki ZX-10R

A Japanese bike which comes with amazing features and technology that the riders would love to explore. The bike has been modified with each passing time and the design of the bike is great. It can be customised according to the likings of the customers. Kawasaki ZX-10R specifications and mileage can be found out easily by the new engine of 996cc. Details of Kawasaki ZX-10R are listed as under:

  • It has an inbuilt inline four cylinder and it is made in a triangular form to reduce the size of the engine. Specs of Kawasaki ZX-10R include the one piece cylinder which can increase the tardiness in the roads.
  • Kawasaki ZX-10R bike has a cooling system present in the bike which keeps note of the time when the engine gets heated up and in this case, it helps to reduce the temperature of the oils used in the bike. Kawasaki ZX-10R cruiser bikes has used the slosh analysis to create the internal structure which helps in the creation of the oil pan where oil is put. The losses of the oil is reduced to a great level.
  • The wheels are designed for the purpose of racing and it has stiff strokes that can give better grip on the ground. The wheels are huge and they give great comfort level. A wet slipper clutch is provided in the bike which increases the power of the bike to six times and keeps the wheel at the rear mode.
  • The handles are kept at a perfect position for the rider to ride it easily. And the seats are kept at a good height to be able to be ridden by all types and heights of riders.

The price and reviews of Kawasaki ZX-10R is expected to be at around Rs. 16,40,000. The specifications are high in the bike which increases the price.

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