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2014 Honda Goldwing F6B

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2014 Honda Goldwing F6B

2014 Honda Goldwing F6B

Honda F6B is a bite made for luxury. It is one of the new Honda touring bikes which is destined to get you places. With a slimmer, sleeker look, the 2014 Honda Goldwing F6B review puts it in one of the top leagues as far as biking comfort goes. The Honda Goldwing F6B price starts at $19,999 and it is worth every penny. There are several amazing features in the Honda Goldwing Motorcycle, such as an integrated luggage in the form of twin-integrated saddlebags with a storage space of 11 litres each, a six cylinder engine for durability and power, and a low profile windscreen for wind and weather protection as well as easy viewing access.

The Honda F6B has adjustable air suspension to tackle all terrains and an amazing surround sound. The Honda Goldwing review by buyers is extremely positive and people with a knack for bikes are lapping up the new model as the perfect style statement coupled with brilliant bodywork and the legendary 1832 cc Engine and the liquid-cooled flat six.

While looking for the Honda Goldwing F6B specs one should not forget the curb weight of 842 LBS, and the 118 horsepower at 5,500 rpm. The compression ratio is 9.8:1 which is better than most touring bikes. The higher compression ratio leads to higher efficiency and power. The cylinder bore and stroke is at 74*71 mm which makes this motorcycle oversquare.  The combined gas mileage is 34 MPG. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the new Honda F6B for the trip of a lifetime.

2014 Honda Goldwing F6B


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