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Ecosse Iconoclast Review

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Ecosse Iconoclast Review
Ecosse Iconoclast Review and specifications

Ecosse Iconoclast Review

2014 Ecosse Iconoclast is a handsome-looking bike weighing only 460 lbs. This luxury bike has a distinctive design for those bikers who don’t just use this vehicle for basic transport, but also take bikes as a style punch. An expert’s innovation in terms of structural curves, performance and dash is all clubbed up to form the limited edition Ecosse Iconoclast. The design of this bike reminds the viewer of a modern yet antique machine that has the grace of the tradition times along with the accuracy of latest technology.

Talking about the Ecosse Iconoclast specs, this bike has a two-litre petrol engine. It gives a 135 hp power and 140 ft-lbs torque. It has 6 speed transmission. This is known to be the first titanium chassis. The 2,150 cc motor is polished, intercooled and supercharged. The wheels are coated with clear carbon fibres. Ecosse Iconoclast exhaust is handcrafted titanium race. It carries approximately 200 hp at the front and 210 ft-lbs of the torque at the rear wheel.

Ecosse Iconoclast engine is ECOSSE, with 6 speed transmission. It has machined aluminium oil filter cut with laser and ultra-low micron, which ensure lifetime use. It has a load capacity of 400 lbs and a fully adjustable suspension for riding choices. The bike facilitates 12 different positions for the bikers, and it has an adjustable hand controls. Ecosse Iconoclast price is quite in affordable range with an approximate figure of 4,329 pounds in the international market, and Ecosse Iconoclast reviews make it a racer-biker’s choice.


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