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2017 BMW R Nine T

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2017 BMW R Nine T

2017 BMW R Nine T

BMW is a brand that proves luxury and satisfaction. Ranging from cars to bikes, The BMW class is very grand and amazing. 2017 BMW R Nine T is the latest trend in the world of motorcycles. Specs of 2017 BMW R Nine T include the tough and the conventional standards that this name carries with itself. The bike is minimalistic and true to its makers and is something worth buying for. Latest 2017 BMW R Nine T bikes have great suspension and wheel capacity which can instantly help on to get the grip on the road.

The 2017 BMW R Nine T has a unique sound which it produces that can catch the attention of the passer bys. The sound is soft and people actually like the unique sound produced by it. There is also a dual silencer present in 2017 BMW R Nine T which does not allow much noise on the roads. 2017 BMW R Nine T details has a boxer engine of 1200cc which is quite classic and it gives a great mileage to the riders. Some of the other features of the 2017 BMW R Nine T cruiser bikes are listed as under:

  • The seats of the bike are placed at a comfortable level which allows the rider to have a good ride and the handlebars are placed in such a position that the it can be easily reached by the rider. When the rider can seat in a comfortable manner, then he does not feel tired on riding the bike and in this way, he can go on longer adventures.
  • The wheels are quite big and huge because of which the unravel road can be crossed easily without any difficulty.

Price of 2017 BMW R Nine T is expected to be at $13,000 which is great when it comes to choosing a BMW class bike.

2017 BMW R Nine T Urban GS

2017 BMW R Nine T Urban GS

Each and every guy in this world dream of buying a cruiser bike which looks great and is comfortable to its best. 2017 BMW R Nine T Urban GS is a vintage bike which looks classic with all its parts that can be customised. Right from the speed dial to the wheels, it has something innovative in it. The style of the bike is contemporary with the boxer engine which is a speciality of the bike. 2017 BMW R Nine T Urban GS details are listed as under:

  • The alloy cast wheels are very light on the road which makes the suspension part easy and the rider does not feel tired while riding the bike. This bike is good to ride on slippery roads. The 4 piston brake capillars help to suddenly stop the bike whenever any accident alert is there on the road.
  • There are 2 LCD screens on the speedometer , a headlamp mask, and the speedometer is designed in an analog instrument style. The tubular handles are comfortable from all ends and they are covered by an all aluminium cast.
  • The one thing that is unique is this BMW series from the rest is the dual section front mudguard. The classic enduro style is introduced in this new series. There is also a fork stabiliser which helps to control the stability of the bike.
  • The bike is designed in a black metallic style which gives the bike a different look altogether. A 2 in 1 exhaust system is present in the bike.

The price of the 2017 BMW R Nine T Urban GS is estimated to be around $14,000 which is a bit higher than the earlier series of BMW but the cost will be worth it.

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