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Vincent Motorcycles Reviews Top Models

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Vincent Motorcycles Reviews Top Models

Fans of Vincent bikes are much higher in proportion to the number manufactured, due to the simple reason of these bikes outclassing a lot of other brands in terms of the aura they carry and the awe-striking expressions they create. The impression of elegance and grace has been consistently related to these age-old bikes that have now been present only in auctions and bike-shows. The Vincent motorcycle is a blend of rare design and shine, making its models like Black Shadow, Comet, Roy Vincent or a Rapide some heart-throbbing bikes.

Vincent Motorcycles reviews might help you understand this classy brand for either finding a bike for self or for keeping yourself updated. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled Vincent Motorcycles reviews for some of the most popular models. The forthcoming text is entirely dedicated to some of the most highlighted models of bikes from HRD Vincent. From design, style, overall presentation, performance, to the feel of being the owner of it Vincent bike reviews needs to be presented.

Below list puts down some Vincent motorcycles reviews

Egli Vincent

Vincent Motorcycles Reviews

When we talk about an Egli Vincent, we talk about speed and class primarily. The design of an Egli Vincent had been so unique, that despite been stopped in manufacturing since a long time now these bikes are still being replicated. The outfit is classy, while the built is unparalleled royale while someone is heard speaking of a Vincent Egli after one glance.

Going slightly to the history of these bikes, they were initially built by Fritz Egli in Switzerland. Even after forty years of the initial make, these Godet Vincent bikes carry the same fan-following for the mix of performance and experience they offer. Today, when you go to find an Egli, you would come across two variations of it. One, a single seater, and two, a twin-seater.

Getting onto the technical specifications of both the variants, both have a black-shadow air-cooled 50V engine. The motorbikes weigh around 378 lbs. They are unique in terms of their trim and body-design. To note is that just like all the Vincent bikes, Egli is also a range of hand-made bikes.


Vincent Black Shadow

Vincent Motorcycles Reviews

Looking for Vincent motorcycles reviews and Out of the grand range of bikes produced by Vincent HRD, Black Shadow had been another hand-built model. This bike runs on a 998 cc 50-degree V-twin engine. The origin of this bike was based upon the need for sporty speed. The performance of the Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle was such, that the popularity crossed the previous model of Vincent Rapide as well. Built primarily in aluminium alloy, this Vincent Black Shadow ticked all the must-have for a sport vehicle, added by the weight of 458 lb. Including the covers and the crank case, the entire bike looked black, justifying the name. Black Shadow Vincent was a blend of style and speed painted in metallic black.


Vincent Black Lightning

Vincent Motorcycles Reviews

Running on a 998 cc air-cooled 50-degree V-twin engine, the Vincent Black Lightning was the model having fastest production in the world. The bike held the record of World Land Speed with its 1000 cc initially installed engine. The body of this motorcycle was artistically trimmed in the Magnesium alloy with special racing tyres. The make of the bike in an alloy-mix made this bike a better and lighter-weighted bike, giving an upgraded performance. This model by Vincent HRD got so popular due to its make and performance that it got a song recorded on it.


Vincent Comet

Vincent Motorcycles Reviews

One among the very few 499 cc single models, Vincent Comet was trimmed and evolved from the popular model of Vincent Rapide. Like Egli, this model of Vincent also evolved from the sporty-need. This bike is sort of a racer-vehicle, and came up in two variants, with the second one named as Comet Special having lights. The bike runs on a single-cylinder OHV air-cooled engine. The design of the engine looks similar to several other engines used in the bikes during the time it was launched close to World War II. The difference between the Vincent Comet and Black Lightning was that the Black Lightning had better polished and assembled interiors as compared to the Comet.


Irving Vincent Motorcycles

Vincent Motorcycles Reviews

Stunning racer-looks and classic performance defines Irving Vincent motorcycles. Based upon the Vincent Rapide design, the Irving Vincent was counted as one of the fastest bikes in its times, and was re-designed mixing the very best designs of some of the classic racer-bikes of the time. From excellence of racing, design, specifications, to systems, the Irving Vincent Motorcycles had been judged amazing. Not just the design is extremely eye-catching to those who love speed, but the power and handling will make the buyer an ever-proud owner.


Vincent Rapide

Vincent Motorcycles Reviews

One of the most initial and innovative pieces from Vincent had been the Rapide. Introduced back in 1936, the Rapide brought new design and was capable of running with a speed of 180 Km/hour with its 998 cc engine. This bike had a 47.5 degree V-twin OHV four-stroke engine, with a weight of 200 Kg. The Rapide was released in two sequences, Series A Rapide and Series B Rapide.


Be it a new Vincent motorcycle or picked from an auction around, the Vincent motorcycles are a unique mix of classic style, unmatched speed, racing-experience, and joy of ownership. The company held a history of being connected to the time of World War II, while the idea of the motorcycles was clicked while the owner of the company was in the prison. As per Vincent motorcycles reviews, the Vincent motorcycles were meant to be the range of bikes that won races and created awe-striking impression to the passionate racers. With a wide range of bikes for everyone loving speed, the Vincent might not be one of the bikes that manufacture the new models any more, but they surely survive, and could be picked from some of the other proud owners across the globe.


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