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Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

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Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

Everyone wishing to own and ride a bike has to start somewhere with a certain type of bike. To get into the biker gang or to just ride a bike for your own pleasure, you will have to learn a new set of skills. And just like for every other skill, there are special beginner bikes where you can start your journey towards becoming a biker. First of all, it basically is all about choosing the right kind of bike from some of the best beginners motorcycle that suits you and your taste.

With the entry of thousands of bikes in the market, it is easy to get confused while choosing the right one and the perfect bike for starting off on your journey. For making your search easier, let us present you the most recent data of best motorcycles for beginners.

So let us start by presenting the top-ten list of superbikes for beginners. After reading on the same, you could form your own judgements and weigh the pros and cons while you decide on a bike. These are some of the best beginner motorcycles and there is no way you can go wrong with one of them.

Let’s start with the list of Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners


1. Suzuki GW250

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

A total city bike, the Suzuiki GW250 is an entry level standard bike specifically designed keeping in mind the beginners. Offering a highly comfortable seat design, this easily to manageable bike is very lean, agile and has a perfect hard-line handle. It has a displacement of 248cc with a 4 stroke two cylinder engine and 6 speed gearing or transmission best for smooth speeding while shifting gears with an ease.


2. Hyosung GT250

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

Hyosung is worthy of being included as one of the best bikes for beginners due to its many features. This 249 cc bike is well known for its large displacement or frame and is best for those starting out. It has a slower 600 feel, given by its front dual disc brakes. It is also good for beginners as it gives ample control and reign while handling speed. It is also lightweight, with a nimble V-twin. Lastly, the bike is perfect for those beginners who have a special interest in sports bikes.


3. Yamaha SR400

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

With a unique style of its own, the Yamaha SR400 is bound to be one of the top best beginner motorcycles. The bike surely is the best for beginners as it offers an easy start, has an eye catching styling with a displacement of 399cc and a 4 stroke, one cylinder, air cooled engine. One of the best parts about this bike is that is does not allow frequent break downs due to it’s electronically fuel injected kick start mechanism.


4. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

The first thing that catches the eye when it comes to the Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is its vintage look. This retro style Italian design bike is an actual inspiration from the vintage V7s from the rich history of Moto Guzzi. Embedded with higher technology, and made of a lighter material, this bike weighs a mere 400 lbs. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best bikes for beginners. Another great feature of this particular 744 cc bike is its 5.8 gallons fuel tank.


5. Triumph Bonneville

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners


Another one of its kind, retro style bike with a twist, the Triumph Bonneville is a 865 cc bike best known for its classic look offering the best of both worlds, that is, comfort and mechanism. Infused with all the requirements of a perfect beginners bike, this bike had to be there on the list of best motorcycles for beginner because of its amazing features. The comfort level, durability and speed coupled with performance is what makes it one of the best beginner bikes for a long ride.


6. Honda CBR 500

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

One of the favourites on the list, the Honda CBR 500 with its sport looks wins the heart of any novice instantly. This 471cc bike has been keeping up on its promising features. It provides speed and performance. The engine is top notch and the weight distribution and structural design is made keeping in mind both beginners as well as bike riders. It is bound to be included in any list on the top best bikes for beginners. With its parallel-twin and four stroke engine, the bike truly has an amazing appeal.


7. KTM 390 Duke and 200 Duke

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

KTM-390 Duke

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

KTM-200 Duke


Best known for the number of amazing designs KTM holds, this 390 Duke and the 200 Duke model stands out of the crowd. This bike range has been cited the as one of best beginner sport bikes. Its 373cc displacement along with brembo brakes and a 4 stroke single cylinder engine goes a long way. Though the displacement is small, it is solid and trustworthy. The hard-line look is suggestive of instant power.

8. Suzuki DR 200

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

New in the DR designs by Suzuki, the DR 200 surely falls in the category of beginner sport bikes, maybe  even topping the chart on some counts. With a 199cc displacement, the bike is cited as one of the best learning aid for trail rides. With a weight of 249 pounds, the bike has a 31” seat perfect for beginners. Offering the best on and off road trials, this bike has some special front and rear tyres with treat patterns.

9. Kawasaki KLX250S

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

Now this one is a true racer bike that we can introduce on our list of best beginner sport bikes. Since the wide appreciation of the KLR range of Kawasaki, this new range of KLX250S has been launched to fulfil the desires of individuals looking for a sport bike perfect for those adventurous trips. This 249cc, 4 stroke engine bike weighs a mere 300 lbs and offers the smoothest of accelerations making it a topper in the best motorcycles for beginners list.

10. Yamaha FZ-07

Top Ten Superbikes For Beginners

An ultimate package, this bike has an inline twin cylinder which has a one of its kind linear torque curve that boosts its ride quality and gives you the smoothest ride.  It has a displacement of 689 cc with a transmission of 6-speed. It is a high endurance bike and it gets its handle strength from the dual front brakes and a compact wheelbase. The seating too is comfortable. The FZ-07 Yamaha model is cited as of the finest bikes for cruising as well as city rides. With its compatible 4-stroke engine, the bike is a fine beginners motorcycle.

We hope that you enjoy riding one of these bad boys as much we loved writing about them.


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