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Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

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Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

2013 brought about different bikes together and created a huge buzz among two-wheeler lovers. The best motorcycle in 2013 is one statement which is quite difficult to decide and choose among the best motorbikes manufactured in 2013. There were many new bikes in 2013. Some of them were upgraded with different and powerful technologies. It was difficult to compile the top ten motorcycles of 2013 but nevertheless 2013 proved an interesting year for all bike lovers and different motorcycle companies came up with different innovations on motorbikes making them affordable, provide a level of comfort to the riders and at the same time making them stylish with glossy, vibrant colors.

The top ten motorcycles of 2013 are:


Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

Mission RS is probably one of the best motorcycles of 2013. It takes full advantage of the modern technology available in the market and is successful in bringing about high performance and speed of the bike. The bike delivers a superior feel and control. It has a better edge over other bikes in terms of speed and fuel energy.


Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

The HONDA GOLD WING F6B is probably one of the most unique sports bikes of 2013. The F6B has a new look capable of more speed and attractive features. It is cheaper and faster and any biker can enjoy a smooth ride on this motorcycle. This bike is exceptionally attractive and it has something incredible to offer to virtually any motorcyclist – adventure and thrill.


Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

The MTT Turbine Super Y2K was designed by Ted McIntyre and manufactured by Marine Turbine Technologies. The Y2K is considered by many bikers as the most stylish and one of the best motorbikes of 2013.

It has a Rolls Royce 250-c20 Turbo engine installed and can reach a speed of 227 mph with ease. It has an output of 320 hp at an astounding 52,000 rpm and it is due to this incredible power it is called Superbike Y2K.


Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

The Ducati Monsters 696 is an amazing bike and surely deserves to be in the top ten motorcycles of 2013. In 2013, Ducati celebrated the Monster’s 20th anniversary with special edition of the 696.

With the anniversary, the 696 got a new look with distinctive features. The new 696 will sport a red paint, traditional mirrors, bronze frame and more. The Monsters remains a biker’s favorite dream motorcycle. Moreover, mechanically speaking, the 696 still retains the 80 hp and 696 cc as well as the six- speed gearbox.  The 696 is enticing to the eyes of a motorcycle freak and one would simply invest on the Monster just for the bragging rights.


Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

Kawasaki Ninja 300 holds the label for being the top sports bike of 2013. Every biker yearns for a motorcycle like the Kawasaki that has all the ingredients of a perfect thrilling ride. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a replacement of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R.

The new Kawasaki Ninja 300 has a new fuel injection. Kawasaki also updated the chassis and fitted the 300 with a slipper clutch and optional ABS. But the most remarkable aspect about this bike is the engine’s 13,000 redline and the feathery 379 pound weight. The new model is a little expensive but it is considered by many riders among the best rated bikes of 2013.


Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

Honda NC700X is highly appreciated as one of the best adventure motorbikes. The Honda is insanely successful among buyers in Europe and it seems to have caught up in the U.S as well. The Honda is a blend of both the basic bike styles and the adventure sports bike.

A striking feature about the bike is that the gas tank that appears to be on the bike is in reality a giant storage bin that can be prove to be useful at times.

The Honda NC700X is priced reasonably for a bike that can handle lots of tasks, riding styles and stipulations. In 2013, many bike lovers had a soft corner for this bike and regarded it as one of the best rated bikes in 2013.

7. BMW K 1200 S

Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

The BMW K 1200 S is one of the best new bikes in 2013. This bike is simply for all speed lovers. This bike has a charm that is captivating and alluring. The sound of its roar is proof that it really is a king of the road and it is ready to give its rider a fantastic, high speed, riding experience. This model from BMW runs at a speed of 174 mph. It is powered by 16 valves, 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC, horizontal in-line, liquid cooled engine. Its high performance parts definitely earned the bike the position as one of the top ten motorcycles of 2013.


Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

The BMW SERTAO has wire spoked wheels, longer suspension travels and a 21 inch front wheel. The Sertao however is quite a large bike and can be troublesome for a novice at times.

The Sertao offers a skid plate and full wrap around hand guards that will protect the bike form damage. The Sertao can conquer any trials and errors on the road.

The Sertao has better built-in power and strength and can ride higher and brake with the long – travel suspension. Its power and gas mileage is commendable making Sertao a fine option for long-distance travel. Sertao is undoubtedly the best sports bike of 2013 for a fun adventurous ride.

9. BMW G650GS

Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

The BMW 650GS is used by many for adventurous sports. Hence, many adventurous riders consider the BMW as one of the exceptional adventure motorbikes. The G650GS provides good comfort for long distance ride with enough speed and power. It has a good gas mileage of roughly 200 miles per tank.

The G650GS is unique in comparison with other motorbikes in the sense that anyone can customize the bike and make it more personal by availing accessories from the market fulfilling all the adventure biking needs. Any adventure enthusiast can avail the BMW G650GS at a reasonable price.

10. DUCATI 1098 S

Top Ten Motorcycles Of 2013

The Ducati 1098 S is Italian made and was first introduced in the market in 2007. This beauty has a speed of 169 mph and can accelerate form 0 to 60 in just under 3 seconds. The Ducati weighs at 170 kg and it is powered by an L-twin cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder and a liquid cooled engine.


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