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Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

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Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

Some bikes are meant for typical dirt and muddy sports. Well known companies manufacture touring motorcycles that can withstand nature’s wrath. People living in hilly areas organize cross country motorcycle competition and touring motorcycles are well used for such events. It’s easy for someone to stand and judge such bikes, but certain mechanism and technique is needed to handle such bikes for smooth functioning. What is the best touring motorcycle? Well, here is a list of some of the best touring motorcycles ever to be produced:

1. BMW K 1600 GTL

Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The BMW 1600 GTL is a modern day touring bike. It’s fast, extremely comfortable and very competent. Even though it is a big bike weighing 703lbs, it just doesn’t feel like a big, heavy bike. As a cross country motorcycle, the GTL comes with all the better facilities and has been rightly termed as the best touring motorcycle.

The GTL is perfect for long distance rides. It is one of those long ride bikes that can travel for miles and miles. The motorbike has achieved such accomplishment mainly due to its powerful 1,649 cc engine and 60 hp. The GTL comes with impressive equipments that include hard bags and sophisticated media system. The BMW K 1600 GTL is an ideal motorcycle for long distance rides and provides great comfort for the rider and the passenger.


Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The Honda Gold Wing F6B is one of the best touring motorcycles. It has a 1,832 cc flat six-engine. It can be ridden as a sports bike, but if one wants to travel or take a tour, the Honda Gold Wing is the most comfortable bike for such long rides.

At 842lbs, the FB6 is well built and one’s vision needs to be sharp in case for low speed maneuvering and lane splitting.


Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The Harley Davidson is the best touring motorcycle ever to be manufactured. It is a dream possession among all bike lovers. The Harley Davidson is equipped with the latest technology like the new air flow vent on the front fairing that reduces heat to the riders. There is also the Reflex Linked Brake System that is operated by the front brake lever and determines the pressure applied to either of the brakes over 25mph.

On the Ultra Limited you get an infotainment system that has voice recognition technology, touch screen for music, GPS and cell phone. There is also Bluetooth connectivity for MP3 player, text to speech technology and CB communication.

If anyone is planning to take a cross country ride, the Harley Davidson is the best cross country motorcycle. The luxury and comfort of its big seats makes the ride an unforgettable experience. If one asks what is the best touring motorcycle? Look no further than the Harley Davidson.


Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The Suzuki Hayabusa was first manufactured in 1999 and remained unchanged till 2008 when it got a series of limited updates. In 2013, it got an ABS and better brake calipers.

The bike is a legend due to its high speed and its exceptional looks. The Hayabusa is powered with a 194 bhp, 1340 cc, liquid cooled and four cylinder engine. The Hayabusa functions well for long distance sports tours. This bike will help you reach your destination on time coupled with a fun ride supported by its top speed.

5. BMW R 1200 GS

Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The BMW R 1200 GS is capable of long distance road tours. The BMW R 1200 GS ($16,100) is a little cheaper in comparison to other bikes. It has been upgraded to a new, water-cooled, 1170cc engine that gives out 125 bhp.

The BMW is one of those long ride bikes with a 33.5 inch seat and the subsequent leg room is tremendous for long distance tours.


Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The Kawasaki KLR650 is a motorcycle for tall riders. The main factor is the 35 inch seat and all those tall adventurous biker enthusiasts will be very pleased with the highly spacious room for their legs.

The 33 hp of the KLR can easily take on any degraded pavement and any hidden pot holes it encounters on its way. The KLR is a very basic and relaxed bike and is a tall person friendly for that long country ride.


Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS has wide handle bars and broad seats and relatively provides a level of comfort for long distance rides. There is even a storage bin to store certain essentials needed for those tiring long rides. The Aprilia has a V- Twin, connecting all of its 76.7 horsepower and 47.1 ft-lb. The Aprilia has a fuelling immediacy and the instinctive feeling inducing an apt smile while aggressively riding the bike.


Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The V-Strom is an adventure bike with exclusive features especially for tall riders who are willing to invest on a bike that will support their long legs. It’s sufficient to say that the V-Strom is a motorcycle for tall riders. The 1000 cc engine and is filled with torque. This bike is meant for long distance rides and can conquer any on or off beaten paths.

The seat height is 33.1 inches and there is no forward lean on the rider and the knees are only 88 degrees while riding. The V-Strom is preferred by many for its manageable engine and tall riders should be paying more attention for its relaxed position and the comfort it provides.


Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The Kawasaki is one of top trail bikes. It has fuel injected DOHC motors which delivers an awesome punch right at the first hit of the throttle. Its generous power curve can alter the power character to suit the rider’s needs. The Kawasaki has a 48 mm Kayaba Pneumatic Spring Fork (PSF) contributing to the Kawasaki’s excellent suspension and can handle any bump likely to be encountered on the track.

The Kawasaki has an aluminium perimeter that is both stable and keen to carve corners while offering strong brakes. The Kawasaki KX450F is possibly one of the top trail bikes for anyone who is an adventurous rider.

10. KTM 350 XC-W

Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides

The XC-W is powered by a 350 cc engine.  Next to the Kawasaki, the XC-W is one of the best trail bikes manufactured. It has a fuel injected, short stroke, DOHC single and an open class power.

The XC-W is lightweight being just a 350 cc machine. It is easy to conquer all kinds of uncomfortable off road situations. XC-W can easily wear the crown for the best trail bikes for its friendly attributes that makes for joy ride.

The above list provides information on Top Ten Bikes For Cross Country Rides from the huge range of exotic superbikes available today. Browse other superbikes manufactured by all major brands.


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