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Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

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Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage
Information on Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

A compelling appeal about a motorbike is when it has great mileage and efficiency.

A well known bike has a firm stand in the market; and good looks and attractive prices do matter but what is really significant about a bike is the mileage it offers to all the riders eager to invest on a good, affordable bike. The best mileage bikes are found all over the world.

Below is the list of Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage:


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The Bajaj Platina is better known for being the most mileage bike in India. The Bajaj Platina has a mileage of 90 kmpl. It is powered with an engine of 125 cc. An amazing feature about the Bajaj Platina is that it has an electric start making it easy for the rider to handle the bike. It has a better load carrying capacity. It has a 5 speed gear box offering the rider an awesome speed on the road. Its battery is powerful and reliable. The long seat of the bike provides a splendid comfort to the rider. It is undoubtedly the highest mileage bike in India.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The TVS Star City has a mileage of 83.9 kmpl and is ranked 2 on the list of  Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage. The TVS has unique graphics that directly draws the attention of the riders. It has a 100cc, 4-stroke engine which is good for a bike. The bike comes with stylish rear indicators. A remarkable feature about the bike is that it has 2-way adjustable rear shock absorbers. Many riders consider the Star City as another highest mileage bike in the India.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The Yamaha Alba has a mileage of 80-85 kmpl. It has got light weight alloy wheels and a sporty instrument console. It has an SOHS engine of 106 cc including a single cylinder and 4 – stroke. Riders are happy with the way the Yamaha Alba has shaped up and the spacious seat of the bike provides comfort to the riders. The mileage of the bike is perfect for the riders and many regard it as the best mileage bike in India.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The Bajaj Discover has a decent mileage of 82 kmpl. The graphics on the bike are black and chrome style. The best feature about the bike is that it can start easily under any given weather condition. It has stylish headlamps and innovative LED tail lamps. The Bajaj Discover is relatively one of those bikes with good mileage.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The best aspect about the Hero Honda Splendor is that it has an amazing suspension. The mileage is 60 kmpl. It has good body graphics. An attractive quality about the Splendor is that it has got stylish alloy wheels that give the bike an urban look. To top it all, the Splendor has powerful multi reflector headlights. Riders are heavily investing on the bike and many of them are of the notion that it is one of the best mileage bikes in India.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The CB Twister has a mileage of 70 kmpl. This being said it also has short muffler and a sharp rear. The bike is powered with a 109 cc, 4- stroke, air cooled, SI engine. The bike is supported by a muscular tank and has a combinatory instrument panel. This is one of the mileage efficient bikes produced by Honda.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The Hero Splendor iSmart is the most mileage bike in the India. The mileage, pricing, reliability, technology and style are the most important aspects about the iSmart. The paintwork on the bike makes it a better looking commuter bike for a really long time. The iSmart has a new start-stop system which is an excellent feature to have while riding in city traffic.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The Honda CBR 250R is one of the bikes with good mileage. It does not have any stunning looks but it definitely makes heads turns on the road. The headlights and the high beam are an excellent range. The seat of the bike is comfortable even on long distance ride making it easy for the rider to travel and control the bike.

The Honda CBR 250 R has a refined engine and vibe free. The engine will function according to a particular rhythm based on the rider’s style. The Honda CBR can reach a top speed of about 155 kmph.

The Honda CBR 250 R can cruise at about 120 kmph the whole day. The CBR 250 R can cover a distance of 360 kms with a full tank.

The CBR 250 R offers better grip in both dry and wet conditions. The brakes in the CBR 250 R are relatively good and offers better grasp even while riding on the beach sand. The CBR 250 R is a great option for new riders and is worth the money to those wonderful long rides on the highway.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The GT250R comes with a 249 cc, V- twin engine. It has a roller, bearing camshafts, two piece spring silent primary drive gears and squish combustion chambers. It uses a DOHC eight valve engine.

The fuel consumption of the GT250R is 3.4 l for 100 km. Once the engine starts, the bike can be driven away immediately. Due to this efficiency, the Hyosung is one of the best mileage bikes in the world.

The engine has a broad powerband and the GTR250R maintains a highway speed and can easily cruise at 120 kmph.

The seat is broad and flat shaped providing comfort for longer stretches.


Top Ten Bikes With Best Mileage

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is considered to be the one of the best mileage bike in the world with 25 kmpl. It is light, strong and attractive. The Kawasaki Ninja is equipped with different amenities such as the ABS, FCC assist slipper clutch, air management system; digital injection and an innovative frame design that gives a perfect balance between rigidity and lightness.

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 has a uniquely designed seat and a digital instrument panel that features a modern ECO indicator, a simple speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, digital clock and warning lights.

It is powered by a 296 cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with Digital Fuel Injection. The Kawasaki is priced at $4,999 and is a reasonable one to invest on for the thrill ride.

A series of rides and the Kawasaki is one of the top mileage bikes in the world.


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