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Superbikes for Women

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Superbikes for Women

Man v/s Woman

What a man can do, so can a woman. Then why not Superbikes for women? This has been the mantra of the last few decades where women have established themselves in every field considered a male territory, starting with the workplace. Now, they have even taken on the hobbies and outlook of men and matching them step for step. Even though motorbike manufacturers never really made any gender specific bikes, it was assumed that they were for men.

The Superbikes for women – Best options

This all started with the Honda Fireblade which came out in 1992. There was a growing appreciation for slimmer and smaller machines fit into a compact package which could handle as much as the bulky bikes of the past. Also, these superbikes for women were easier to manoeuvre and the front to rear weight ratio was more evenly distributed. There was a structural change which meant the riding position was forward bent with the legs closer to the body. This fit the shape and size of the females who could easily and comfortably ride in that position. Plus advanced throttle valve controls and an efficient fuel injection system made bikes easier to manage and control. Those apart, exotic materials started being used to make the latest superbikes for women which were also very lightweight and more durable thus reducing the overall load of the superbikes for women and making it easier for female riding. Nowadays, the best superbikes are sleek and almost half sized versions of their older counterparts with better functioning capacity, more horsepower, a balanced and ergonomic structure, and great chassis rigidity. However, for many men, these designs seem a bit too cramped, so much so, that some of the newer models are copies of how the older ones used to be to fit in the male perspective.

Superbikes and Women

Thus, you can see how evolution and innovation has made the latest superbikes as well as the best superbikes for females. It fits their body better, hardly needs any pressure to handle and can look incredibly sexy with a lady on the wheel. Though there are still now no women centric super bikes, there are plenty of bikes which fit every requirement of an adventurous woman. Some of those are the Triumph 675, Aprilia RS125, Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, Honda RVF NC35, Honda VFR400 NC30, Honda CBR600RR, Suzuki GSX-R750 K6, Suzuki GSR600, Yamaha YZF-R6, etc. Honda being the first game changer, has the most number of superbikes for female usage. However, other big names in the industry are not far behind. Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph have all woken up to the unexplored female consumer base and are doing everything in their power to win them over.

Feeling Alive with Superbikes for women!

The feel of being on a superbike is the same, whether one is a man or a woman. It is exhilarating to feel the wind on your body and see the world passing by at breath neck speed. It makes one feel powerful and free and gives the perfect adrenaline rush. Women who were previous bystanders in this male dominated field have taken to superbikes with surprising ease and enjoying every bit of it.


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