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List of Best Dirt Bikes

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List of Best Dirt Bikes

Where to ride dirt bikes? Dirt bikes are preferred by bike riding zealots often requiring high rise of adrenaline to ride on dangerous tracks like mountains and high terrains trail riding. Dirt bikes are designed in such a way that it absorbs the friction and are very light weight for quick navigation. There are some of the best dirt bike brands which dominate the dirt bike market. Top dirt bike brands try to outweigh other brand bikes to achieve speed and compatibility for the rider. We will shortly look into the nice dirt bikes available with their specifications.

Difference between a dirt bike and a street motorcycle

  • A dirt bike is designed for riding on highly slippery and mountainous tracks, whereas street motorcycles are designed for riding on flat roads where friction is comparatively less.
  • Since dirt bike is used for jumping and subjected quick terrain changes, the frame is made up of good plastics rather than steel or other metals. Street motorcycles use bulky parts for the frames for good balance while driving on the normal roads.
  • Dirt bikes are designed with high suspension to absorb shocks quickly on uneven track riding.
  • Of course, the tyres of the dirt motorbikes are narrow and designed for stability on bumpy tracks.
  • The overall dirt bike design is compact compared to the normal street motorcycles to give it a light weight for more acceleration.

Below is the list of Best dirt bikes and their specifications-


 10) Kawasaki KX 450F

list of best dirt bikes

Among the various Kawasaki dirt bike models, Kawasaki KX 450F is one of the cool dirt bikes with high performance and balance. This provides a 449 cc displacement and 4 stroke engine with 4 valves. It provides a compression ratio of 12:8:1 and frame type is aluminium perimeter. The frame used is much slimmer and is light weight compared to previous Kawasaki Dirt bikes models. Compared to the 2015 model, Kawasaki improvised the dirt bike with higher standards to provide predictable handling and solid suspension. The weight of the bike without fuel is around 108 Kg. Kawasaki KX 450F price is $8799.

 9) Honda CRF 450R

list of best dirt bikes

Among the best dirt bike companies, Honda manufactures some of the best dirt bikes available today. Honda CRF 450R provides an excellent feature of engine switch mode between standard, smooth or aggressive. The engine is liquid cooled single cylindered four strokes, providing 449 cc displacement. It provides a compression of 12:5:1 and full transistor with electronic advance ignition. Among the other available Honda dirt bikes, Honda CRF 450R is popular for the advanced features and more comfortable riding in high tension terrains. Honda CRF 450R price starts at approximately $8700 and one of the best 450 dirt bike available now.

 8) KTM 500 EXC

list of best dirt bikes

Undoubtedly, KTM is one of the best dirt bike brands manufacturing new models year on year enhancing more features. Among the various KTM dirt bikes, KTM 500 EXC is one of the major advancement for more balance and reduced weight, hence more power. More tight packed Air-box, enhanced graphics, light weight fuel tank, MAE integrated speedometer, and high tensile handle-bars are some of the enhancements in this model. It provides 510.4 cc displacement and 1 cylinder with 4 strokes engine. KTM 500 EXC price starts at $10,199 and rated among the best 4 stroke dirt bike available now.

 7) Husaberg FE 250

list of best dirt bikes

Husaberg FE 250 is amid the best 250 cc dirt bikes considering the specifications and the performance it is delivering. The engine provides 249 cc displacement with four stroke single cylinder engine. When it comes to user ratings for 250 cc dirt bikes, Husaberg FE 250 supersedes other dirt bike brands. The total weight of the dirt bike is around 104.5 kg without fuel. Husaberg FE 250 price starts at $8649.

6) Husqvarna FC 450

list of best dirt bikes

Husqvarna, also known among the top dirt bike brands in the world has made the place by consistent good reviews of the enhanced models. One of such dirt bikes is Husqvarna FC 450, one of the best 450 cc dirt bikes ever made. It provides a displacement of 449.9 cc displacement and the map switch activates launch control. Husqvarna specialized engine management, Keihin EMS is compact and switch map is controlled from the handle bar. The total weight of Husqvarna FC 450 dirt bike is around 102.4 kg and price starts from $7299.

5) Suzuki RM Z250

list of best dirt bikes

Suzuki is also among the top manufacturers of automobiles and also it has manufactured some of the best dirt bikes in the world. Suzuki RM Z250 provides 249 cc displacement with four stroke DOHC engine. The bike was re-innovated in 2015 considering each and every small parts of the dirt bike to make it less heavy and improve performance. To start with, piston was changed according to racing bikes, addition of fuel couplers, wave disc rotors were enhanced with aluminium ribs with Dunlop tyres. One of the best features of Suzuki dirt bikes is aluminium cylinder with composite electrochemical material coating for improved performance and durability. Suzuki RM Z250 price starts at $7599.

4) Kawasaki KX250F

list of best dirt bikes

Kawasaki KX250F dirt bike includes all advanced features needed for high traction racing and is also one of the best Kawasaki dirt bike models. The throttle body opens more quickly and dual injectors for more power. It also has launch control mode map to switch between tracking needs.  It is a single cylinder four stroke engine providing 249 cc displacement and 4 valve DOCH induction system.  The bike weighs 106 kg without fuel and Kawasaki KF250F price starts at $9999.

 3) Yamaha YZ250F

list of best dirt bikes

Yamaha YZ250F is a 4 valve DOHC engine with 250 cc displacement and 13:5:1 compression ratio. Compared to other 450 cc Yamaha dirt bike models this bike has all features improvised for better performance and speed. The battery less fuel injection system is matched to the four valves and produces the desired power. The dirt bike is optimized for centralized mass exhaust system. Yamaha YZ250F price starts at $7590.

2) ATK 700 Intimidator

list of best dirt bikes

ATK 700 Intimidator is 2 stroke engine and provides 685 cc displacement manufactured by ATK motorsports. It provides 5 speed transmission and 39mm Keihin fuel injection system. It provides excellent power and torque control. ATK 700 Intimidator price starts at $12995.

 1) KTM 450 SX-F

list of best dirt bikes

KTM 450 SX-F is kept on top among the list of best dirt bikes in the world. KTM is known among the best dirt bike brands in the world manufacturing the best fit for all needs of sporty riders. One of the cool dirt bikes with a single overhead camshaft with comfortable seating provided. The air-box is more protected than the other KTM models to protect air filter from dirt. KTM motocross bikes are equipped with electric starter with more compact battery reducing the overall weight of the bike. The frame, footpad and swingarm have been redesigned for dirt terrains. KTM 450 SX-F is a four stroke engine encased with lightweight polythene fuel tank with a capacity of 7 liters. The integrated cooling system is more enhanced for keeping the bike on the go always. The 449.9 cc displacement and overall weight of around 100 kg makes it one of the top dirt bikes in the market with all advanced features provided. KTM 450 SX-F price is $9299. This is the fastest dirt bike in the world and this bike can run upto a speed of 123 mph for extreme dirt biking and also listed among the best dirt bike in the world.


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