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Comparison Between Superbikes and Exotic Cars

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Comparison Between Superbikes and Exotic Cars


Superbikes and Exotic cars have one thing in common – their immense exclusivity. People aspire for one of these beauties someday. They give pride to their owners and up their X Factor. The latest Superbikes and Exotic cars also share the need for speed and the passion for living life on the edge and being better than others. They are in a way symbolic of power and performance and the people who possess them know it too. They ooze a glamorous lifestyle and financial prosperity that is sure to drive others green with envy. When it comes to superbikes and exotic cars, there is no limit.

Superbike v/s Exotic Car

Superbikes and Exotic Cars

So which one to choose between Superbikes and Exotic Cars, the  fabulous creations of modern day man? Honestly, if one can afford either, it is a dream come true. But mostly it depends on what one likes. Though similar on many contexts, they have a few major differences too – the primary being the pleasure of a four wheel drive versus the absolute exhilaration of being on two wheels. The best Superbike is for the feel of the wind slapping against your body and the sensation of flying. It is also more convenient for people living in bustling cities with the need for space.

Superbikes and Exotic Cars


The superbike is a small package when compared to an exotic car and can be handled in a much easier manner. The exotic car is for long drives and great road journeys. It is also fit for the top executive who is trendy and with the times. Parking is not an issue for such a person and he would rather manoeuvre the city roads than part with his beloved car.

Factor I

Sex can also be a factor when we sum up the superbikes and Exotic cars debate. Though gender neutral, being in an exotic car or driving it can do wonders to the oomph factor in any female while the bike can do the same for a male. However, superbikes are wonderful for group journey where a group of bikers can together undertake a fabulous trip together with their superbikes. A car, however glamorous does not incite the same feel.

Factor II

Both superbikes and exotic cars can be carried off at any age provided one has the personality and attitude for it. However, it has been noted that bikes in general are preferred by a younger generation while cars appeal to a bit more matured lot. No matter how enticing both are, one has to admit that a latest superbike has a bit more edge to it and one can smell danger in the air while riding it. An exotic car on the other hand gives off a classier vibe suited to those who know their worth but exercise caution in stirring the pot.

Factor III

Last but not the least, while discussing about superbikes and exotic cars, one cannot forget to consider the factors of price and mileage. The best Superbikes are relatively cheaper than exotic cars and provide more mileage. That said, nothing spells success like an exotic car does. An exotic car shrouds you within its space and gives you the feel of being untouchable.

With these pointers in mind, there is no conclusive solution to which is better between superbikes and exotic cars. One just has to listen to the heart and they would know which one is the one for them.


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