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Transition from bike to Superbike-Best Superbikes

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Transition from bike to Superbike-Best Superbikes
Information on Transition from bike to Superbike – Best Superbikes

Where it all began for the best superbikes

Bikes came around during the second quarter of the 20th century and became a huge hit with all classes due to its accessibility and ease of movement along with the factors of speed, price and mileage. However, bikes were not glamorous back then as they are today. In fact, they were pretty mundane means of transport. However, around 1970 something wonderful happened. The premier bike manufacturing company Honda came out with the Honda CB750 in 1969 that turned out to be a game changer. Bikes stopped being a two wheeled vehicle to a cool accessory of the future that also worked as a symbol of an adventurous spirit and sexiness.

The world is hooked on bikes

There came immense changes in design and the audience was hooked. It was an appeal towards something exclusive and exotic that the super bike got itself a fan following and a niche consumer base. Soon other companies followed suit and came out with their own designs. Ever since then, there has been no stopping the innovations in the world of superbikes. The best superbikes inculcated higher and better performance, and positive changes in speed, power, acceleration, suspension and manoeuvrability.


Suddenly, after 1970, the superbike was everywhere. Those who had it flaunted it and those who didn’t, wanted it. The transition from a bike to a superbike was not overnight. There were many innovations and companies constantly updated their bike inventory to keep abreast of the times. There were factors such as ergonomics, functioning capacity, horsepower, balancing structure, weight, especially front to rear weight distribution, chassis rigidity to consider. It was not just important to have a leaner and meaner structure, but also keep in mind the stability and durability of the bike, comfort level of the rider and the fit according to size and movement, plus monitoring the aerodynamic drag so as to protect the rider from excessive wind lash.

Price factor

People were willing to pay a fortune to own one of these beauties and it was important to make them worth their price. The best superbikes are almost like the sports bikes used for racing and give the rider a feeling of flying and being on top of the game. In fact, they made the rider feel all powerful and indestructible.

The best there is

Movies and media played a big role in spreading the X Factor of superbikes and made them what they are today. While making them super exclusive, they also made them super desirable. The latest superbikes come in many design styles and one has to choose what fits one’s personality the most such as the sports bike, the naked bike, the streetfighter and many more. Today, even the normal bikes try to emulate the latest superbikes to boost sales and give the masses what they desire coupled with more and more superbikes bringing out an affordable range so that many more can own a vehicle of their dreams. However, the bottom line remains that the best superbike is not for everyone. The transition is complete. The superbike is the most amazing thing there is and every regular bike owner can testify to that.


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