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Best Motorcycle Security Devices

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Best Motorcycle Security Devices

Introduction on Best Motorcycle Security Devices:

Motorbikes are passion for individuals who love to explore the world on their own. Riding bikes gives un-measurable freedom, energy, thrill and excitement. It becomes an obsession and a religion for passionate riders. A bike ride offers you to relish the beautiful surroundings, the ambivalent natural beauty of the place around. For adventurous riders, motorbikes are said to be a true companion. They remain close to your body allows you to experience the place in its fullness The fear of losing their favourite bike would seem a nightmare to these die hard motorcycle lovers. Often it is our careless behaviour and lack of proper security devices that makes motorcycle theft an easy affair. Especially in places that lack sufficient parking facilities or houses without garage, storing bikes become a mammoth task. Also, motorcycle is an easy vehicle to steal. Thus, safe and sound motorcycle ant theft security devices are the need of the hour. The automobile industry is now flooded with multiple motorbike security devices. Choosing the right and appropriate one from the pool requires expertise knowledge about the different choices available.

This article tries to list, some of the best motorcycle security devices and also highlights companies that offer them. Precaution is the best method to prevent motorcycle theft. The following list of bike security devices would help one to raise an alarm over theft of your vehicle.

Bike Alarms:

Bike alarms are no longer the traditional security device. The market is now flooded with the latest smart gizmos that offer best security alarms for your favourite bikes. From basic touch alarms to motion sensored cloud computing smart bike alarms, bike theft is no more a worry now. Some of the latest motorbike alarms available include,

The Cricket:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

It is a light weight silent bike alarm that uses very low power Bluetooth device. With a range of about 150 feet, you can know that your bikes are safe once you are away from it. It raises an alarm within one tenth of a second on your smart phone. Powered by the advanced technology of cloud computing, you can retrieve your stolen bike in the nick of time.

Bike Watch:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

It is a useful combination of a bike alarm, an LED light and also a cable lock. When the alarm is active, only the iButton in it can deactivate it. Also by cutting the cable off, the alarm sounds for ten minutes.

Scorpio Alarms:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

Secure your motorbikes, with one of the leading technology in motorbike alarms. Scorpio motorcycle alarms are one of the best motorcycle alarms that use the latest sensing and security technologies. It serves as a great means for a clean and hassle free motorcycle anti theft mechanism. Learn more …


Best Motorcycle Security Devices

They use the newest concept of keyless locking. Embedded with a GPS tracking device and a sound safe bike alarm, it raises your attention against theft even from a long distance. Get more details…

Gorilla motorcycle alarm:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

Pioneers in producing a host of best in town motorcycle security devices for the past 35 years, the Gorilla motorcycle alarms have been successful in preventing motorcycle thefts to a large extent. It’s simple, compact yet sophisticated and user friendly features ensure complete security and protecting of your bikes. The Gorilla motorcycle Alarm protects your motorcycle against theft by identifying any minute disturbances such as motion, impacts etc. Upon activation, the siren will be activated for 30 seconds. They are available in different series and consist of powerful current sensor, 7 way shock sensor and 100% water proof. It is considered one of the best Motorcycle Security Devices available till date.

Learn More…

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Motorbike chain:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

A chain and lock system is one of the oldest and cheapest means of securing your bikes. Use of motorbike chain serves as one of the best security devices. Motorbikes require a minimum 16mm chain for better safety against theft. Else it becomes easy prospect cut off. Also motorbike chains made of cheaper materials can be easily cut off with bolt croppers or other sharp device. Never forget to mount the motorcycle security chain you use on the non removable part of the motor cycle frame. Else there are chances of the vehicle being carried or towed away by thieves. A motorbike security chain in itself is not the best security device against thefts. Try to use it along with a lock or any motorbike alarm. Some of the best motorcycle locks available in the market are:

ABUS lock-chain combinations

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

ABUS is a leading provider in motorcycle anti theft devices. Their unique customized products use state of the art technology and are easy to handle. One of the best providers of lock chain security devices, ABUS has their “2 in 1” combination solution of brake disc wheel lock and a chain as a far better motorcycle anti theft device. With the added advantage of brake disc lock, it helps to be a perfect companion in short stops and trips. For more details…


Best Motorcycle Security Devices

Kryptonite has an array of security devices which include unique alarms, disc locks, chains and many more making it one of the Best Motorcycle Security Devices. They provide a combination products of using kryptonite security chain and a U-lock or motorcycle disc lock as a good deterrent. Thus the thief has to work more hard in stealing your vehicle.

Motorcycle wheel locks:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

One of the safest ways to prevent motorcycle thefts is to lock it with a motorcycle wheel lock. Wheel locks have an added advantage of preventing the bikes from being carried away. If you are planning to park your motorcycles for a long time, then a combo use of motorbike security chain and motorcycle wheel locks would befit the cause. Especially using a disc lock ensures a complete safety of your motorcycle against roll out thefts. Disc locks are light weighted, compact and can be easily carried. Be careful to buy the best disc locks for motorcycle. Have a survey over the enhanced high performance disc locks and go for added features in it. Some of the best disc locks in motorcycles come up with an alarm that can serve as a better deterrent against motorcycle thefts. A disadvantage of majority of wheel locks and disc locks are that they work best only for heavy motorbikes. For eg if you have a light weight motorcycle, there are chances of your bikes being lifted and carried away in trucks.

Xena Disc Locks:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

Their disc lock alarms offer two in one security and considered one of the Best Motorcycle Security Devices. Xena disc locks are made up of  the highest quality steel lock body, geared up with electronic equipments, high security key and barrel. Their alarms are built of a 120db siren which is triggered by motion sensors. Learn more about their products…

Gorilla Wheel locks:

Best Motorcycle Security Devices

It was their innovative design that set a unique standard in market for motorcycle wheel locks. Gorilla wheel locks are one of the most advanced and sophisticated security devices available in the market today. Their external security pattern is designed such that it becomes impossible to unlock it without their matching key.

Some Precautions against motorcycle theft:

1. The basic mantra is to carry the best motorcycle security device always while travelling.

2. Always lock your vehicle using the best motorcycle locks and chain. It would be smart, if you lock it in an area where other bikes are parked.

3. Be aware of the sub standard and quality less security devices. The easiest way to check the quality of your motorcycle security device is to look for the Sold secure certification that gives rating to a wide range of products.

4. Try locking your bikes in different location.

5. While using a disc lock on your motorcycle, try using a shackle disc lock to grab he bike’s rear wheel’s chain sprout. This is a helpful tip if in case your motorcycle does not have an exposed rotor.

6. Secure the motorbike’s accessories and components like helmet and jacket properly. Leaving them on your bike unsecured poses threat of theft.

7. Nowadays, cable locks are not among the best motorcycle locks. They can be easily cut and are poor anti theft devices. Use a lock which is heavy to pick and is very hard wearing.

8. While using security chains for your motorcycle, try to secure the frame of the motorbike well. Putting chain on the wheels is not a safe method. Wheels can be easily removed and not at all recommended.

9. Also leaving a chain lying on the ground makes it vulnerable to motorcycle thefts (through a sledge hammer attack). Always loop the security chain of your motorcycle through a higher part of the vehicle. This keeps it clear from the floor.


A best rider is a safe rider. Safety is required both in riding your bike and trying to protect it from theft or other malpractices. One needs to know that not all thieves are smart. A majority of them are often drugged. So, protecting your vehicle only requires some smart tips and tricks. The timely use of the best motorcycle security devices, keeps your priceless motorcycle always close to you.


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