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Best Motorcycle Insurance Agency in USA

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Best Motorcycle Insurance Agency in USA

For many, there is nothing more enthralling and exciting than riding a two-wheeler along a long stretch of highway, feeling the wind in the hair and the adrenaline rush of the blood. It is for this reason that more than half of the world’s population, those who can afford, prefer motorcycles to cars, where they can experience excitement in every moment. However, statistics reveal that motorcycles are much more prone to accidents than cars, causing detrimental effects to both the rider as well as the pillion. Biking accidents can be prevented if safety precautions are followed but even so, one cannot always be too careful when one’s life is concerned. Since for many, their bikes happen to be their life, insuring their vehicle is the precaution they follow in case of bike riding accidents. The United states of America has made it mandatory in almost all states to have a compulsory insurance policy if driving any kind of vehicle. Below are some of the top motorcycle insurance agencies in the USA:


motorcycle insurance agency in USA

GEICO motorcycle insurance company is the top insurance agency in the country, with its branches spread all over the different states. GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. It was started targeting the government employees and the military personnel but of late it has grown to include a wide range of customers. It is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and presently insures more than 22 million vehicles. GEICO can be contacted 24/7 at (800)8413000 and further information can be surfed at their website The corporate headquarters is located at 5250 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. 20815. GEICO has a number of regional offices in New York, California, Florida, Texas and Georgia, GEICO Miami, being the most popular among customers, while the main service centers are located at Iowa, Hawaii and Indiana. GEICO offers affordable premiums, secure inline payment, flexible payment plans, numerous discount policies for sport bikes, cruiser bikes, touring motorcycles, standard motorcycles and even scooters. Licensed agents with experience are available at all times to cater to any biker and is considered best among motorcycle insurance agency in USA.


motorcycle insurance agency in USA

Rider Insurance have been in the motorcycle insurance business since 1971, providing top-notch services to its customers. Primarily for bike insurance, Rider operates in Delaware, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. According to different state policies, Rider provides packages to the bikers. But all packages include Liability coverage without UM/UIM. Packages may be customized and expanded standard, premium or even premium-plus. Body injury as well as property damages are covered. In some states Rider insurance also covers the injury of the passenger as laws permit. More information can be obtained from the website or over the customer service number (973) 2589500 between 08:30 am and 09:00 pm from Monday to Friday and between 09:00 am and 01:30 pm on Saturday. Queries can also be mailed at and the office can be reached at 120, Mountain Avenue, Springfield, New Jersey 07081. It is also among the best in the list of motorcycle insurance agency in USA.

Allstate Insurance Company

motorcycle insurance agency in USA

Allstate insures housing properties, vehicles, business, life and more with motorcycle insurance is a part of it and motorcycle insurance agency in USA. As the name implies, Allstate motorcycle insurance agency operates all over the country. Bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, medical payments, personal injury protection, collision coverage, towing and labour, UM/UIM, rental reimbursement, natural loss damage, lease or loan gaps and extra coverage are all provided by it. More information is readily available on the website and any further queries may be mailed to 1819 Electric Rd. S. W., Roanoke, VA, 24018, P. O. Box- 12055. Allstate offers attractive discounts and payment options , though they may vary according to the different states.


motorcycle insurance agency in USA

Conducting business for over 35 years, Progressive motorcycle insurance is among the top 5 motorcycle insurance agency in USA. Total Loss Coverage along with bike accessories, body injury and property damage, medical payments and even roadside assistance are offered. Cruisers, sports, high performance, touring, scooters and trikes are covered along with older bike models. 24/7 customer service is available on 1-800-776-4737. Progressive corporate headquarters is located at 6300 Wilson Mills rd., Mayfield village, Ohio- 44143. For online support, can be searched.


motorcycle insurance agency in USA

Nationwide Insurance is set apart from most of the motorcycle insurance agencies in USA by providing custom and vintage motorcycle insurance. Another distinguishing feature is that it provides Original Equipment Manufacturer, that is, if any part of the bike is damaged, nationwide replaces it with the original parts manufactured by the manufacture of the vehicle and not after-market parts as most other insurance agencies do. Basic coverages include accessory coverage, collision, comprehensive and even Trikes. The corporate headquarters is located at 1 Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, Ohio while other regional headquarters are housed in Indiana, Virginia, Texas and Florida. The website has additional information regarding motorcycle insurance policies, quotes and coverage.

Dairyland Insurance

motorcycle insurance agency in USA

Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance includes property and casualty coverages for all types of bikers and for a variety of brands of bikes, scooters and mopeds. Here, one can customize the policy coverage by adding extras like roadside assistance or medical payment coverage; Dairyland repairs with original parts while replacing; online payments can be easily managed through their website However, some disadvantages related to online changes and filing occur but Dairyland remains one of the renowned motorcycle insurance agencies since its establishment in 1966. Policies can be managed over the phone on 1-800-334-0090 at a 24/7 customer service and policy management hotline. Considering their services, they are among the best motorcycle insurance agency in USA.

American Modern

motorcycle insurance agency in USA

It is one of the top, widely recognized leaders in the insurance business, catering to above 1.7 million customers across all 50 states and one of the top motorcycle insurance agency in USA. With its headquarters at Cincinnati, Ohio, American Modern is an ‘A’ rated insurance agency, specializing in motorcycles. Cruisers, sports, touring, standard, dirt bikes, mopeds and scooters are offered coverage. Queries are answered and motorbike insurance agents are found around the clock at 800-543-2644 and can also be mailed at American Modern Insurance Group, PO Box 5323, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45201 or searched online at Easy payment options such as the automatic payment schedule, deductible options, reimbursement for other rentals in case of a breakdown and even food, lodging is included. However, custom and vintage motorcycle coverage are not available with it.

StateFarm Insurance

motorcycle insurance agency in USA

Founded in 1922, StateFarm is one among the leading insurance agencies in the US. What some other agencies include in extras, StateFarm Motorcycle Insurance covers in standard insurance such as replacement of protective gear, costs incurred for trip interruption, roadside assistance and so on. For this reason more than 1.2 million bikers have trusted Statefarm Insurance. Bodily injury, property damage, theft, fire, vandalism, accessory, vintage and custom coverage are offered. StateFarm is located at One State Farm Plaza, Bloomington, Illinois , 61710. General inquiries may be directed at 888 559 1922 or accessed at

Estrella insurance

motorcycle insurance agency in USA

When it comes to Florida, the main question arises- “is motorcycle insurance required in Florida?’ True, of all the states, bikers in Florida do nor generally require an insurance. Simple meeting a minimum financial threshold is enough for owning and riding a bike. Obtaining a motorcycle license in Miami is a piece of cake! However, to cater to the less-daring people, Esrella was founded in 1980 with the first agency being Estrella Insurance Miami, Florida. The company expanded over the next 5 years to 44 locations and today with 70 locations in Florida, Estrella Insurance Miami has expanded to the states of Arizona and Orlando. It has the distinction of being the “lowest price in Auto Insurance” in South Florida and the top insurance agency by South Florida Business Journal. Apart from the Corporate headquarters at Miami, Estrella Insurance Hialeah is another main office located at 1140 W, 68th Street, Suite B. Hialeah-33012, Florida. From easy, customized packages to lucrative discounts provided on a wide range of two-wheelers, Estrella Insurance has definitely lived up to its name and amid best motorcycle insurance agency in USA.

Markel American

motorcycle insurance agency in USA

For over 40 years, Markel American has been proving why they are one of the experts in motorcycle insurance agency in USA. With the motto “We Specialize”, Markel has specialists to aid anyone with a bike, framing policies, quoting packages and designing them according to the rider. Markel covers cruisers, touring bikes, big twins, dirt bikes, custom motorcycles, street bikes and sport bikes. Coverage for motorcycles includes cost of repair, replace, collision, comprehensive (fire, theft, vandalism), accessory coverage, mechanical breakdown and trailer coverage. Additional coverages are also offered such as roadside assistance, trip interruption and rental reimbursement coverage. Markel agents can be contacted online via their website and other questions can be directed at 1-800-236-2453 or e-mailed to The headquarters is located at N14, W23800, Stone Ridge Drive, Waukesha, WI 53188.

Apart from the above described motorcycle insurance agencies in USA, there are a number of other agents which are equally renowned but are more locally known such as Miami auto Tag Agency, Simple Insurance Las Vegas, All Nevada insurance, Progressive Auto Insurance Las Vegas (a branch of Progressive Motorcycle Insurance), etc. USA motorcycle insurance agents are mostly licensed but even then, while obtaining offline or online Motor Insurance Quotes, one must be aware of rampant insurance fraud. Insurance agencies portray their offers quite rosily to attract customers but the fine print may contain many such clauses which won’t seem so lucrative.

In the United States, bile tours are frequently conducted and even individuals go on road trips often with friend or peers during vacations. What many people don’t seem to bother about are the number of bike riding accidents which can take place if one is not careful. They often ask ‘is motorcycle insurance required?’ and assuming the negative, take off, only to regret it after facing road trip unforeseen difficulties. Thus, it is very important and necessary to have a motorbike insurance agent and a policy with at least minimum coverage to ensure safety of the bike, passenger and oneself.

All the 50 states in the US do not have uniform laws governing motor insurance. There are a few states that don’t require car insurance such as New Hampshire where a fee or cash bonds may be paid to the state. The no fault insurance New York is yet another special law which ensures insurance companies to pay for legitimate crash-related medical expenses, lost earnings and incidental costs, regardless of who was at fault in a crash. Florida is a state where every rider as well as automobile insurance agents are given a mandatory motorcycle safety course. After numerous newspapers had termed Florida as the state where most bike accidents occur, following the series of Miami motorcycle accidents in 2014, it has become a point of concern to the government. The no-insurance trend is not such a wise decision, is it now?

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