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Best Cruiser Motorcycles

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Best Cruiser Motorcycles

Designed after the heavy machines by the American motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson and Indian, a cruiser motorcycle is styles for laid-back riding. With feet forward and hands up position and the spine slightly leaning back, cruiser motorcycles had taken the motorcycle world by rage since the first cruiser motorcycle saw the light of the day back in the 1960s. Since then, it was no looking back. Today, almost all motorcycle manufacturers make cruiser motorcycles to bring out the beast in all of us. There are a number of cruiser motorcycle brands to satiate a biker with different specifications to choose from. Cruiser engines have low-end torque, not high horsepower and are usually V-twin. They are not always as fast as sport motorcycles but popular, nonetheless for their 1800cc engine and the big, brawny, beastly feel it gives to the rider!

List of best cruiser motorcycles in recent times

Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide

best cruiser motorcycles

With 103 cubic inch engine that has 91 horsepower and 110 pound feet of torque, this model of Harley-Davidson became an instant favorite with hungry-riders as well as the critics. The aggressive new design does not stop this motorcycle cruiser from devouring the miles with elegance and class. It can blast from 0-60 miles per hour (mph) in just 3.7 seconds, making it among the fast cruiser motorcycles. It low center of gravity lends great comfort to the proud rider of a Glide. It is considered among the best cruiser motorcycles list.

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

best cruiser motorcycles

This series of the Vulcan by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer was between 2004 and 2010 and stopped thereafter but numerous models can be seen even today because it was among the top selling cruising motorcycles during that period. The Vulcan 2000 series cruiser motorbikes had 125 cubic inch engine which packed 116 horsepower and a massive 141 pound-feet of torque which allowed it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in a mere 3.95 seconds. Don’t let its stylish sleek-looking body fool you!

Triumph Rocket III Roadster

best cruiser motorcycles

Among the other models in the Rocket III series by Triumph such as the Classic, Tourer and Touring, the Roadster (2010) is the most powerful. It has 163 pound-feet torque and 146 horse power along with dual exhaust. According to Triumph, it is “the ultimate muscle streetfighter” and rightly, it is powered by the most powerful engine of 2249cc. Weighing 809 pounds, it reaches from 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds, though being quite safe to handle on highways even at high speeds. A friend and beast in one, this cruiser motorbike is among the top cruiser motorcycles of all time.

Yamaha Star VMAX

best cruiser motorcycles

The only cruiser motorcycle to have beaten the Triumph Rocket at speed was the Yamaha Star VMAX which was launched way back in 2005. With a 1679cc engine that packs quite a punch with 174 horsepower and 113 pound-feet torque and a state-of-the-art braking components, the revamped V-MAX series by Yamaha made headlines in the motorcycle news when it beat its rival by accelerating from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds! It rightly falls in the category of power cruiser motorcycles and is one of the fastest motorcycle cruisers in existence.

Ducati Diavel

best cruiser motorcycles

This power-performance cruiser motorbike was launched in 2010 which saw some innovative style and designs for a cruiser motorcycle. Well, nothing less can be expected from Ducati. With a 73.13 cubic inch engine at 1198cc, 93.63 pound-feet torque and 162 horsepower, Diavel reaches a top speed of 169 mph and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Weighing at 557 pounds, it is not exactly featherweight but compared to other such mean machines, it is a lightweight cruiser motorcycle. The Diavel Titanium, a sub-model with main variations in the appearance, is already considered to be the best-looking cruiser motorcycle. It does not sport a lot of muscle like other cruiser motorcycles and for this reason, many women bikers are also attracted to it. It goes on sale in late-2015 with only 500 models in the world!

Yamaha Star Bolt

best cruiser motorcycles

The Yamaha XV950 series is known as the Star Bolt and was introduced in 2013. Featuring a 58 cubic inch 942cc engine with 54 pound-feet torque and 50 horsepower, it is another favourite among bikers. Yamaha has appealed to the youth with this cool cruiser motorcycle that comes in funky colours and with graffiti on the tank. A number of additional parts and accessories are available to customize this motorcycle. Another lightweight cruiser motorcycle with an excellent design with a powerful engine, the Star Bolt is regarded by many as a sporty cruiser motorcycle.

2013 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

best cruiser motorcycles

Its jazzy look can fool any biker but a short ride will give him/her all the satisfaction required from riding a cruiser bike. 903cc engine, 58 pound feet torque at 3500 rpm and 50 horsepower all combine into this middleweight cruiser motorcycle. The seating position and good suspension makes for a comfortable ride and reviews say that the 5-speed transmission is the best among cruisers of this range. This cruiser custom is highly recommended for a fresher due to its modest weight and smooth ride.

Suzuki Boulevard S40

best cruiser motorcycles

This lightweight cruiser motorcycle by the Japanese company is not the best looking cruiser motorcycle but here lies the strength. Launched way back in 1985 with a 39 cubic inch 652cc engine, the Suzuki Boulevard S40 delivers 31 horsepower and 37 pound-feet torque at 3400 rpm. Being a basic cruiser motorcycle, it is a great hit with beginners. The new 2015 model retails all the older versions with just a few minor changes in weight and seat height. It is among the small cruiser motorcycles recommended for young men and women.

Indian Chief Classic

best cruiser motorcycles

Having the distinction of being the best cruiser motorcycle, 2014, this model by Indian is indeed a classic cruising motorcycle. With a Thunder Stroke III engine, 1024 pound-feet torque and weighing 812 pounds, it is a remarkable blend of history and modern technology. The muscle-ly look and powerful engine of the Indian Chief Classic is a darling and a dream of every motorcycle aficionado.

2015 Triumph America

best cruiser motorcycles

Named aptly so, this motorbike cruiser was mainly manufactured for the US roads. Weighing 231 kilograms with a 865cc engine which packs 61 horsepower and 53 pound feet torque, it is a smooth and comfortable ride. Among the best cruiser bikes, the Triumph America is a perfect mix of the British charm and American technology making it ideal for urban cruising rather than on highways. It is considered amid the best cruiser motorcycles in the world.


best cruiser motorcycles

Though it does not fall in the category of a typical cruiser motorcycle, being more of a sport touring motorbike, it is worth mention because it is one of the best sports cruiser motorcycles also. With a 1170cc engine capable of 109 horse power and 89 pound feet torque, it features a flat-twin engine with a sex-speed gearbox, making it ideal for bikers who like speed of a sports bike combined with power of a cruiser.

Indian Scout

best cruiser motorcycles

Awarded the best cruiser motorcycle, 2015 the Indian Scout holds many other distinctions. The first Scouts were manufactured from 1920 to 1927 and then many other models were released till 1949. Most models were used in the Second World War. The 2015 Scout is one of the best cruiser motorcycles ever with a 69 cubic inch 1133cc engine which delivers 100 horsepower and 72.2 pound feet torque at 5900 rpm. It has a six-speed transmission and shifts are easy and effortless. The Scout 2015 is the perfect model to uphold the heritage of the older models without compromising on technology. It is rightly regarded as the best cruising motorcycle by a variety of motorcycle magazines.

The list of the best cruiser motorbikes is in no way exhaustive but includes all types of cruiser motorcycles for all types of bikers. Beginners and advanced bikers can compare and choose from among the top cruiser motorcycles. There are a few things which need to be kept in mind before buying any cruiser motorcycle. First, looks can be deceiving. A small or a showy cruiser motorbike can have an amazing power; so should not be disregarded as “pansy” or “girly”. Also, cruiser motorcycles are heavy and requires advanced handling techniques which does not come easily. Thus if you are a new biker, it is advised to start with a standard motorcycle and then switch to cruiser after a few years.

However, if a cruiser motorcycle is what you absolutely desire, it is recommended not to purchase one above 600 pounds. Dropping a cruiser motorbike can lead to expensive damages! Third, it is always advisable to get the right accessories such as helmet, windshield, footwear, passenger backrest, luggage rests for safety reasons. Cruisers are meant for long rides which can be enjoyable only when totally comfortable. Finally, insurance is a must for such an expensive buy. Body, passenger as well as product insurance package is ideal. After all, precaution is best for everyone when such muscular giants are on the run for fun!

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