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Best Bike Rentals in Paris

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Best Bike Rentals in Paris


Paris is a biker’s haven for it has special bike paths where no vehicles are allowed to encroach upon. Some one-way streets allow bikes on both ways and there are physical barriers for the safety of the cyclists. Rent a bike in Paris and tour around the dreamy city by day or night. Paris bike rentals are scattered throughout the city for the convenience of locals and tourists. Paris also has a bike sharing system which is public and can be booked for short one-way trips. Bike rentals in Paris is very easy.

List of the best bike rentals in Paris

Paris Bike Tour

Best bike rentals in Paris

The location of this store makes it very popular. It has a fleet of light and comfortable bikes, delivery options and also provided private as well as group tours daily. Rent a bike in Paris from here and explore Paris in your own way. Rentals start from 12 Euros for 4 hours and 20 Euros for 24 hours. Among the cheap bike rentals in Paris, this store also offers a package of museum passes and a horde of accessories which can be rented. Book your bike today from the best bike rental in Paris!

Address: 13 Rue Brantôme, 75003 Paris, France

Contact: +33 1 42 74 22 14

Station Vélib’ Pau Casals

Best bike rentals in Paris

Rent a bike in Paris with Velib, the best way to get around the city. There are numerous stations across the city and each station has about 70 bikes available. You can drop in at any of these and rent a bike on spot and return it t any other station. The first 30 minutes are free and every additional 30 minutes entails a charge of 1 euro. This super cheap bike rental in Paris is an initiative to encourage a cleaner city and to develop the spirit of biking. Sign up for a year if you are a local and use Velib frequently or just grab a bike on the go and set off from one of the best bike rentals in Paris.

Address: 1 Rue Pau Casals, 75013 Paris, France

Contact: +33 1 30 79 79 30

Paris Bike Company

Best bike rentals in Paris

From road bike rental in Paris, custom and day tours, bike fits and services, this store does it all. Among most Paris bike rentals, this ranks among the top for their packages, tours, easy rentals and the best quality bikes. The low prices make it among the cheap bike rentals in Paris any day. Rentals start at 60 Euros for a day which includes a tool kit, basic computer, helmet, locks, a basket and a map. You can also hire rain-ponchos and child seat for an additional charge, the rental rate decreases with every additional day and bigger group! Rent a bike in Paris from here to set out on an adventurous tour of the city on your own or with their guided tours. Book your bike from the best bike rentals in Paris, such as this, for an unforgettable experience in biking in an exotic city.

Address:  27 Rue Chauvelot, 92240 Malakoff, France

Contact: +33 9 51 54 59 32

Paris à Vélo c’est Sympa

Best bike rentals in Paris

Choose from road bikes, kid’s bikes, tandems and e-bikes to rent a bike in Paris from this store. Rentals start from 15 Euros for half day for road bikes and 20 Euros a day for mountain bikes. Charges vary with each additional day or groups. They also organize tours of the city and the countryside. Being among the best bike rentals in Paris, their bikes can be vouched for at any time. Used bikes are also available for sale. Custom fits, repairs are also done at this cheap bike rental in Paris store.

Address: 22 Rue Alphonse Baudin, 75011 Paris, France

Contact: +33 1 48 87 60 01


The above list is not exhaustive and there are many more bike rentals in Paris you can choose from. We have short-listed the best bike rentals in Paris for you. Paris bike rentals are cheap and hassle-free and one of the most opted for in the world for affordability and convenience and the thrill. Rent a bike in Paris to discover the city on your own. Make sure you keep the traffic rules in mind and have regard for your and others’ safety at all times. Happy riding!

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