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9 Bike Startups in 2016

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9 Bike Startups in 2016

The line between the technology and the automotive industries is blurring whereas the startups is creating services and the products which transform the transportation sector. Here are some startups which will impress you with their unique perspective or with the vision of the strength and with the innovation.  These bike startups in 2016 will make the future better for sure, like Skully, you don’t have to know how to buy insurance because Skully will cover your insurance money.

Below are the bike startups in 2016

  • Pune based electric bikes

Bike Startups in 2016

The Pune based electric bikes startup Tork Motorcycles has raised the funding of an amount from a host of a marquee investors which includes the Ola founders Bhavish Agarwal, Ankit Bhati and he group of angels which is led by Harpreet Grover who is the chief executive and the co-founder of the COCubes. The Tork was founded by the Kapil Shelke who is a mechanical engineer with the passion of racing. Shelke built the motorcycle prototypes at Tork. The motorcycle help to solve the rider pain point and added the several features such as GPS, phone charging, storage which is the first smart motorcycle in India. The first electric motorcycle name T6X is designed with the serious electric options. It is having the over battery management system, control system and the overall cost of the operation. The 20 member of Tork team set up the manufacturing unit in Pune and also setting up the charging unit in Pune, Bengaluru, Gurgaon and Chennai.

  • Motorcycle touring startup Motoziel

Bike Startups in 2016

The motorcycle touring startup Motoziel is planning to raise the 3 million$ in the next year which help them to expand the vehicle fleet. The fund will be raised by the new investors. The managing director of the Motoziel is Kalyan Mazumder. It is the Gurgaon based startup which rents the luxury motorcycles such as the Harley Davidson, Ducati. This year company is increasing the fleet size by adding 10 more motorcycles. There theme is incredible India which will engage the riders with the people and the culture. The foreigners who want to explore the country are the targeted customers.

  • Flipkart founders have now backed with Chennai based electric bike startup Ather

Bike Startups in 2016

The flipkart founders Sachin and Binny Bansal are now backed with the electric bike startup. The finding includes the investment from the Raju Venkatraman who is the CEO of MEDALL. The Ather was started by the Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain with the mission to accelerate the electrical vehicles. Ather is the electric vehicle startup designed for the high speed electric two wheelers. The team of 15 engineers and the designers manufacture the best electric vehicle.

  • Now

Bike Startups in 2016

Now bike taxi secured the 500000$ in the angel funding. The startup is providing the delivery of the courier, food parcels and the medicines. The company is saying that the riders are trained and background checked.

  • Road panda

Bike Startups in 2016

The startup companies are encouraging the drivers. The new organizations are brushing the skills for the bikers. The two young Honeywell employees started the bike rent business which is the travel solution for the visitors. In the advent of their business they have the 5 vehicles – 3 motorbikes and 2 scootys which they leased out on the hourly basis. The founders Abhishek Nair and Vijay Meena considered the personal communication hackle as the inspiration of the startup.

  • Rapido

Bike Startups in 2016

The bike taxis are continued to rage all over the world. The Roppen transportation services which is running the bike taxi startup Rapido has secured the undisclosed amount of funding from the group of the investors which includes the Hero Moto Corp ltd chairman Pawan Munjal and the Google India managing director Rajan Anandan. Rapido is the mobile app taxi booking portal which is launched in Gurgaon and claim to have the 45000 registered users.

  • Geo orbital wheel turns almost any bike in the electric bike

Bike Startups in 2016

Geo orbital has its different electric bike. They put the motor in the wheel instead on the bike. The idea was crazy because they thought there is the wasted space inside the motorcycles because of the hollow wheels which help them to trigger their dream which is now called as the geo orbital wheel. The wheels comein two sizes which are designed to be attached in any bike and take less than a minute. It uses a Panasonic 36V removable battery with the pedal assisted range up to 50 miles per battery. It is also having the 500W brushless DC motor which the company claims to get you to 20 miles per hour in 6 seconds. You can also pedal this electric bike to go faster. The wheels charges by the way of the USB through the built in outlet which helps to power the speaker on the go or you can even charge your phone.

  • Skully systems

Bike Startups in 2016

The skully and companies are in innovation for decades. This is going to change how you drive your bike and how smartly vehicles communicate. The skully releases the smart helmet that will unite and make a smart world for all drivers. The company developed the AR-1 advanced motorcycle helmet. In the head up display (HUD) it provides the intuitive Google glass like what’s inside inside the helmet. The features include Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, embedded battery. Helmet becomes the platform for the startup innovation on the bike. The company founder Dr. Marcus Weller scale the helmet as the platform. He sees that the motorcycle line of business is being acquired by the Harley Davidson. The house of helmet needs the innovation in the motorcycle industry.

  • BRD motorcycles

Bike Startups in 2016

The BRD is creating the better vehicle which is faster, easier, prettier and more economical. The BRD is very highly anticipated redshift model that already received the 9 million$ in the pre order inquiries and setting up the new standard of the performance. BRD has created the drive train technologies very safely. It is reliable fit up to 25$ more energy at the 50$ lower cost in the batteries that anyone else has achieved in the light weight space. It makes the electric at the superior cost, most convenient. The electric industry matures the BRD in the uniquely position to broaden up its product portfolio.

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